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Brand: Waterax

The backpack portable MARK-3® is the strongest available lightweight high-pressure fire pump and it has been the prefered pump of initial attack crews and forest agencies around the world since 1964. A truly outstanding and reliable performer, the MARK-3® fire pump is designed to withstand the rigors of fire fighting and it is at the core of most water delivery system in wildland operations.

WATERAX acquired the intellectual property and the rights to manufacture the durable 185cc engine from ROTAX. Always the benchmark in terms of performance, reliability and durability, the MARK-3® benefited from a series of improvements to its key components namely a Nikasil coated cylinder, an impregnated crankcase, and a maintenance-free pump end. The new Nikasil Coated Cylinder is the most significant upgrade on the MARK-3® in years. In addition, WATERAX has adjusted its recommended fuel mix ratio to 50:1 synthetic. Please note that the change to the synthetic 50:1 fuel mix ratio is also valid for older MARK-3® equipped with cast iron sleeve cylinders.

The improved MARK-3® successfully passed the USDA Forest Service 100 hours endurance test in San Dimas on 08/04/15 and has been requalified under QPL Number 274-001.

MARK-3® meets or exceeds USDA Forest Service SPECIFICATION